Thursday, December 31, 2009

What Is Your New Year's Resolution?

Happy New Year's Eve! I hope that everyone is going to have a fantastic, fun, & safe evening. We are staying in with the kiddos, having appetizers, staying up late, & doing silly things. I can't wait. I am not going to be writing tomorrow, New Year's Day. I will be back to posting on Monday. Allyson & I are heading to Charlotte to help out some wonderful past clients of mine. I am looking forward to helping them find just the perfect place to call home. Allyson is going to hang out with my friend Jennifer & her daughter, Alissa. They are both so excited. (The boys are also excited that we are leaving & they can do "man" things.) I am looking forward to another wonderful Elevation Church service. Woo hoo!

So, what is your New Year's resolution? Honestly, I don't have one. Adam & I talked about this the other day & here is the way that we see it. Tell me if you agree.

In life, those who win certainly have goals, but they don't have lame New Year's resolutions. If they want something, they get it. They resolve to do it NOW. "I'm going to start working out in 2010." Or, "I am going to be a better wife & mother." Or, "I am going to go to church more." I bet you have heard all of those before. Maybe, you have even said them yourself. Or just maybe, you even said it three minutes ago when I asked what your New Year's resolution is. Let me ask you this, do you really believe that some super magical power is going to come over you on January 1st to allow you to be successful at living your "resolution"? Have you ever stuck with a New Year's resolution in the past? I haven't. Maybe for a few days or weeks, but then it is all the same ole excuses again.

If you want to be successful, you have to start NOW, not on a date in the future. If you aren't motivated to start right NOW, you are simply procrastinating. Procrastinating doesn't seem like a positive attribute or something that you would call an "improvement". Does it? That is just like saying, "I will start my diet on Monday." Monday comes, the next Monday comes, ten more pounds come, & then you are less motivated than when you started your big "resolution".

I encourage you to rethink your "New Year's resolution". Sit down, really think about what you want or NEED to change, & DO IT! Don't wait. Every day that you wait invites failure & allows the devil to get in your way. Commit to becoming a better wife, a better mother, a better daughter, a better friend, a better employee, a better person, a better Christian, & an overall better woman, TODAY. You will feel better that you did!

Good thing that I am posting this the day before New Year's. I am sure that some of you would have been throwing things at your computer screen if I posted this before Thanksgiving or Christmas. LOL

Day Twenty One - 

"But seek first the kingdom of God & His righteousness, & all these things shall be added to you. (Matthew 6:33)

If we are living in the light of eternity, everything we think, do or say is seen from an eternal perspective. We will someday give an account for our failure to speak words of love, respect, & encouragement. Determine today that your words will be sweet & helpful. 

Does your husband have an eternal perspective that allows him to reject materialism & temporal values? Express your gratefulness for his value system, & praise him for putting eternal things before riches & other things in this world.

If this is a problem area for him, consider how you might alter your own value system & live for eternity in front of him., encouraging him to do the same. Only two things will go into eternity...the Word of God & people. Be sure that you are focusing on the right things. 

Day Twenty One Prayer - 

Pray that your husband will discover & live his God-given purpose. Pray that he will offer all his dreams to the Lord, & pursue only those goals that will bring God glory & count for eternity. (Jer. 29:11; 1 Cor. 10:31)

Aimee Freeman


Beth said...

Happy New Year Aimee! I have been racking my brain all week over resolutions, because I am always good at making them, but never sticking to them. Being a healtheier, better Christian, mom, wife, daughter and friend are definitely at the top of my list; however I feel like I need a plan to make all of the above happen. My number one priority is to have a better relationship with the Lord and actually spend time in prayer and in His word. I am never good at sticking to this one so I am excited about the New in 30 challenge. I feel like if I get myself right with the Lord the rest of my resolutions will come a whole lot easier. I have not been able to stay "on top" of these challenges on a day to day basis; I have however been working on them on my own, and printing and keeping each blog and keeping a journal along with the above. I am working in book two of "How to Motivate Your Man God's Way" as well. Repairing the damage in our marriage and resolving to follow God's commands to me (as a wife and mother) are one of my main goals. It has been more peaceful and rewarding to be the more positive one who stops the arguments and walks away or apologizes first. I will never forget the night my husband said to me " this feels like the old us again, I like it." I am trying really hard, but as you know from my hundreds of emails I send you, the devil keeps throwing out road blocks, such as the situation on Christmas Day. I am however, learning to let things go a lot easier. As I look back at 2009 and the struggles we faced, it gives me a renewed spirit to press on as God's child, following in obedience to him, and ultimately finding the way back to my husband. Thank you Aimee for all you have done with this ministry. Happy New Year and may God rain showers of blessings on you and your family in 2010!

Debbie B said...

Aimee, until I had read this post of yours I had called what I had written down resoultions but they aren't something that i want to they are things that i AM GOING to do. I am going to embrace life more, I am going to spend more time with friends and family that mean so much to me, I am and will get healther (thanks for the help & advice along the way in advance Adam), I am going to help people more.

Have an awesome, awesome New Years Aimee, to you Adam, Brandon & Allyson!

thorney said...

I have done them in the past and they usually consist of "lose weight", "exercise", "join the swim". "swim 3 miles every morning". You get the picture. I begin and with a few weeks I am done. Done. Done.

The biggest thing I feel I need to do right now is get on the path with God. Get closer. Study. Learn. Listen. Listen some more. Learn how to hear him talking to me so I stop making the same mistakes over and over again.

We have found a church/congregation just recently and you cannot imagine what an accomplishment this is :) That alone tells me it's time to take the next step.

Tonight my husband and I are going out to dinner and then back home to watch the fireworks, which we can see out over Puget Sound from our our windows. Tomorrow we're off to a movie, which we'll take my mom along with us.

Happy New Year to you and your family.

Blessings, Mari

~Bev~ said...

Hey Aimee, I wrote a huge list of resolutions, but mine are more like Accomplishments" It's just GOT TO GET BETTER!!! Praying for you & enjoying your journal!

Lisa Ashby said...

I agree! I've spent the last few weeks working on new goals for 2010 as an extension of the goals I set last year. Resolutions never work. Goals do.

Happy new year!


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