Monday, December 28, 2009


Many of you know our good friend, Brent Riggs. If you don't, Brent played a HUGE part in the reconciliation of Adam & I. We owe a lot to this man & his family & we will forever be grateful. We just received some terrible news & we need your help. 

  Please read his post below and visit his blog for updates 


Dear Christian family,

Wow… if all the stuff about Abby wasn’t enough…

We just got a phone call from a hospital. Our 17 year old, Garrett, Michelle’s brother Mike, and her sister Micalah were in a serious car accident and are all critical

We are dropping the kids off with our friends, and going to the hospital now.

Micalah is here with her Dad (Michelle’s father) visiting for Christmas from San Antonio. He is VERY shaken and is fresh in the middle of a cancer battle himself.

We covet your prayers….

Brent & Michelle...

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