Monday, February 22, 2010

Cross Point Church - Nashville TN

Hey ladies. A couple of months ago I was doing some research & I came across Cross Point Church. We watched a few of their videos & I watched a sermon or two. I began following the Pastor on Twitter & I was really drawn to what they were doing as a church. You can check out their link at Cross Point Church

About a week ago, a loyal blog follower told me that there is another Pastor there, Justin Davis, that has a marriage blog with his wife. It appears that the Pastor cheated on his wife in the past. They now have a ministry to help other marriages survive infidelity as well as the other many issues that arise in a marriage. Their blog is a very easy read & one that I hope you can find helpful. Check it out at Refine Us.

I have to say that I have missed posting tremendously this week. Having this marriage ministry has brought a genuine joy into my life that I have never been able to find in a job outside of the home. Reading your success stories has been nothing short of amazing to both of us. I have thoroughly enjoyed being your support system, your friend, & your confidant. God has given us an enormous blessing in being able to help so many of you. The Lord has many things going on in our lives right now, but I am going to try my very hardest to post or share other helpful information every chance I get.

I also want to mention that our church, Lifepoint, is doing a series on love & relationships. You can check out the sermons at Lifepoint Church. Elevation did a series last year that was very similar & you can find that at Elevation Church. Both of these unbelievable Pastors will keep you on track! If your church has had a marriage series that you found helpful, please post a link in the comments or email me directly. I would be happy to post all of the links for you all to dive into. I love watching sermons online from other churches.

I hope that you all enjoyed your weekend & you have a wonderful week ahead.
Aimee Freeman

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naomi said...

Amie, I attended Lifepoint sunday, with my son and daughter in law. I am visiting from Nashville, and am a member of Crosspoint. I love Crosspoint, but really enjoyed your church as well, and found it amazing that you posted a blog about it. God is so awesome. Naomi


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