Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Time To Catch Up

Hey Ladies. I hope that the past five days have been going well for all of you. There has been some really great feedback coming in & I am so excited to hear more!

I know that many of you got off to a late start so we were thinking that we would take the weekend to allow you all to catch up. If you are caught up already, I invite you to do one of your favorties over again. Or, just go out of your way to do something else nice for your husband.

Tonight our family is going to a local March of Dimes event that we have both been active with. I have been there all morning helping to set up & the dinner/auction is this evening. Our family is being featured & they will be showing a 3-5 minute piece about Kayleigh's story. We are very much looking forward to it. It will be a great event.

I am working on lesson #6 this weekend & I can't wait to post it. It is going to be awesome. I pray that with each lesson, you are starting to enjoy the challenges more & more. I look forward to each day to see how I can make Adam's day a little brighter. Someone told me a long time ago that you can make a great impact if every morning when you wake up you think of one thing that you can do to make someone's day easier. Maybe it is picking up the dry cleaning, taking the car for an oil change, letting him sleep in a little longer while you get the kids ready for church, or making him breakfast in bed. Just something small that says, "You are important to me."

Since we don't have a "lesson" this weekend, please post a comment with something that you do that you can see made a difference in your husband's day. We could all learn from each other. What one husband enjoys, another husband somewhere out there will too.

I hope that you all have a terrific weekend with your familes.



Anonymous said...


I love to take, sometimes I'll print a few of my favorites and send them to my husband at work to brighten his day.

On days that I'm not at work and my husband is...sometimes I'll load them in the car and go pick him up some lunch and drive it to his office.

For couples with young ones... My husband and I each take a weekend morning to get up with the kids and let the other sleep in a little while longer...and even though it has just become our "routine" still feels like we're doing something nice for eachother.

I'm looking forward to getting some tips from you other ladies!!!


MommyIvy said...

When my hubby is at work, I will send him pictures of the kids or send him a txt saying I love or miss him. Sometims I will come by his work with a shake or some kind of treat.


Aimee, We both leave notes for each other. It may be on the bathroom mirror or on our desks. Just a note that says "I love you and each others name" It makes a difference in each of our days. Just to see a note.

We also call each other just to say Hi and see how each others day is going.

Tell your loved one you are proud of them. No reason... You are just proud and happy with them:) Have a great weekend. Blessings, Audrey

Ashley Baker said...

Today Im on my own. Chip got up early this morning to go diving...One part of me wanted him to stay home and hang out but the other part said encourage him to go...So I rose from bed early and warmed his clothes in the dryer ( he loves this in the winter) and then asked him if I could make him some lunch for his journey. When he left I stood at the garage a waived good bye and said a prayer for his safety. When he goes diving it is a little scary for me because of the risks. I want him to come home safe but I also have to remind myself that he is in God hands and he is doing something he enjoys.

Julie said...

Please tell me you are not so desperate that you are killing yourself to do nice things for Adam constantly just to "keep him" He should WANT to be with YOU because he LOVES you. It is supposed to be a 2 way street Aimee!
He should be killing himself doing nice things for YOU too!
Don't be this submissive woman that is treated like a doormat.

I was disgusted reading how he ignored all your emails after he left you and the kids! What real man does that after losing a baby??!! Walk out on your wife and kids??? I could never trust him again. He wasn't there when you needed him. You dont want someone just during the good times or when you are slaving over him rubbing his back and making him his favorite dinner. Marriage is all about the bad and the good, in sickness and health. You dont walk out on that because you arent getting your fave foods cooked all the time. Jeez!

Please dont feel because you already have 2 kids by another man that you are not worthy of being loved by someone who doesnt require you to kill yourself fawning over them. Adam sounds very very childish! He needs to grow up and realize he not only affects you but your kids by walking out on you!

Jennifer said...

I think what I try to do (of course when I am able) is to ask the kids to wait to tell me something or for what they want if he is telling me something. I use to always let them interrupt us and I can see now that it inhibited us from finishing many conversations or stories. I also think it contributed to his past feelings of competing with them for my attention. Don't get me wrong.............the kids are my world but I can see that we all have needs and I had this mind frame that he was an adult and he could care for himself etc. God has opened my eyes to a new mind frame!

Inside the mind of BB said...


Today I helped my husband clean out his shed which is a place I never go and I even washed his work uniforms instead of making him take them to his work:) I even helped him load his tool box into his truck (which is almost a 1000 pounds) but it was all in the name of love. Thanks again for responding to the email.. it gave me lots of encouragement and last night as we sat in the hot tub together we had a conversation about us and how to make it better which really seemed to help. Thanks again soo soo much.

Cincinnati Oh

Anonymous said...

This may be silly, but my husband loves the chicago cubs and really LOVES the NO Saints. I always make the effort to watch the games with him (Ladies, I am not saying you have to watch every single game :) ) and I have actually become a fan of both teams myself. This gives us something else to talk about besides work or the kids. Another thing we do together that is nice is have lunch dates. My husband works shift so he is off during the day sometimes. I'll give him a call from work and see if he can meet me for lunch. It's nice to be able to get together and enjoy a meal with just the two of us - and we don't have to pay for a babysitter since our girls are in daycare.

Kim said...

I've been following Kayleigh's story for such a long time, and it was so nice to see you had a facebook! Thanks for your open honesty that you've started sharing on your new blog. In December, my husband and I will celebrate our 4th anniversary. While we think we have a strong marriage (which I'm thankful for!), I've been implementing your challenges into our lives without him knowing and I love the results!!
Thanks again for sharing your little Kayleigh with us, and now your marriage. Many will be blessed!!

amanda said...

i love to make my husband dinner right before hes home from work.. so if im goin to cook something the kids wont eat ill make it alittle later so its fresh for him.. i feel bad when i feed the kids at 5 or 530 and hes not home till 7 or later.. he really enjoys this.. if he feels the need to sleep in i generally will let him.. we are fully working on our marriage.. we are coming up on our 5 year anniversary and have realized we are nto where we want to be and need to focus more on us and not so much on our kids.. thanks aimee for starting this blog i love it so far!

Rosemont Treasures said...

I am seriously struggling. I cook his meals exactly the way he wants. I do the laundry, i clean. I send texts of i miss you/ love you..ot pictures of our son. I leave little notes in his pockets , to find at work, or in his car...or the bathroom. i pack his lunch. give him back rubs, the only thing i am lacking on is complete respect. Im having a seriously hard time with that. Its hard to even pretend it when i am talked down to. when there is soo much attitude in his voice. not, "whats wrong honey?", if theres a problem, but, "whats the matter with you??" or, "whats your problem??" all he wants to do is paly his xbox. if hes not on that, its the laptop. im trying. I am try-ing. but so hard to not blurt out, "I think we need to separate" most days.

Rosemont Treasures said...

i'e also gotten the unbreakable marriage series, which he wasnt interested in, (binder and DVDs) and have gotten a book suggestion, "hedges", still, uninterested.


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